Video games are a fun past time for kids to play. Video games started getting popular a long long time ago. People still enjoy all sorts of games other than video games. Being a tester is not an easy job. You shouldn’t treat it like a side gig, make certain to take note of ever single thing the company you are working for requires. These are five steps to be a great video game tester. Once you know everything you will be able to write down very detailed reports, making the game developer jobs a lot easier and making you look very professional, making it easier to get more job offers, or offered more money.1.) Make sure to read and reread everything they send that was included with the game, this will give you a good idea on how and what the game will be like. The game developers want your feedback on how well the game held up against the instructions they’ve sent you. they will also give you a deadline, and a standard format for submitting evaluations.2.) Remember that you’re not playing for fun… It involves more than just playing a game normally, have your own method of playing that’s most effective for you to test out every single aspect of the game, if the game features more then one character play them all, be on the lookout constantly for anything that doesn’t seem normal or out of place, remember that you are a tester not a player.3.) Through out your testing cycle Take notes of everything that doesn’t work or you think it doesn’t work. DO NOT BE TOO VAGUE, I cannot stress this enough. These notes are what you will be basing your report on. petmeds coupon codes Be as concrete as you can when you are describing bugs, and glitches, if you make to many errors like not explaining yourself in detail, the company will just let you go, deciding that you are just not good enough to be a tester.) If you happen to come across a bug, try to recreate it, find out why it happen, though some bugs will be random, most will take a specific actions or scenario that will trigger it. Include everything, location, level, character, what items you were using, every piece of information will be valuable and will help the programmers recreate the error, so don’t leave out a single detail. Also be on the lookout for small errors like misspelling, music/sound errors, discoloration etc.5.) If you have some time before your deadline, you should try to start your entire game again, you might not have enough time to beat games that take 30+ hours but going over the first half wouldn’t hurt, you might find something you missed on your earlier play trough’s, once you are near your deadline, write your final report, don’t forget to included every single piece of information included in your notes, start from the major errors and work your way down, you want it to look organized and professional, but organizing your report can vary from game to game. This is everything you need to know to be a successful game tester. It does take a bit of work but if you love to play video games then this wont be to much of a bother, if you want to learn about where to find a Game tester job just click the link at the bottom of the article. Sounds fun right? Being a Video Game Tester can be a fun and rewarding job, if you are serious about earning a living being a tester feel free to check the link for more information on how to find a Video Game Tester jobs.

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